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Top 10 Italian Wines Picked By Masters Of Wine

Are you a wine buyer looking for another wine expert’s recommendation on wine brands? Here are the top 10 Italian wines picked by successful Masters of Wine.

In the wine industry, the Master of Wine is the highest qualification that people aspire to achieve. It is not some casual designation. One can earn this title only by passing the most difficult wine industry exam in the world. If the online records are precise, there are only 369 Masters of Wine throughout the world. This tells you how difficult it is to become a Master of Wine.

If you are a wine buyer or designated somewhere in the wine-sourcing cycle, you must be knowing the importance of perfect wine purchase decision-making. It takes a lot to establish a successful wine-procurement cycle, and here is how we can ease it to some extent. The London Wine Competition team has curated a list of wine brands liked and rated top by wine industry experts. So, get your wine bar these top 10 Italian wines picked by successful Masters of Wine.


  1. Chianti 2015

On the first position on our list “Top 10 Italian Wines Picked By Masters Of Wine” is Chinati 2015 from Fattoria Villa Saletta Società Agricola Srl. Apart from winning a gold medal, this wine has also secured “Best in Show by Country”, “Best in Show by Varietal”, and “Best Wine by Value” awards at the 2020 LWC. This blend is made using traditions of Tuscan heritage. The Chianti 2015 shows of ruby red colour with violet tinges on the opening. It lets out intense aromas focusing on floral and fruit notes. This full-bodied wine is fresh, smooth, and well-balanced with a complex consistency. On the palate, it displays hints of violets, cherries, and vanilla. It is well fused with smoky sensations. It shows the characteristic intensity of Sangiovese, tannins that boast suppleness in their texture, and a vibrant, dynamic freshness. To know more, visit Fattoria Villa Saletta Società Agricola Srl.

  1. Barbera d’Asti Superiore DOCG – Val Purcì

Barbera d’Asti Superiore DOCG – Val Purcì is second on our list of “Top 10 Italian Wines Picked By Masters Of Wine” and a gold medal winner at the 2020 London Wine Competition. Made from Barbera grapes, this wine is soft, velvety, and elegant. It displays wonderful notes of red fruits, typical of grapes and a caress of vanilla which is achieved by the contact between wine and wood. Val Purci pairs well with red meats, game, and aged cheeses.

  1. Rêve Offida DOCG Pecorino

Rêve Offida DOCG Pecorino, third on our list of “Top 10 Italian Wines Picked By Masters Of Wine”, has a bright straw yellow colour with strong golden hues. The bouquet has an elegant structure with intense aromas of white flowers and ripe fruit followed by vanilla hints. On the palate, the wine is rich and delightful with notes of banana, pineapple, and vanilla.

  1. Zonafranca Lugana DOC

Zonafranca Lungana DOC is a mature wine with an intense and deep structure. It has a strong and aromatic nose with great character and elegance. With intense golden yellow colour, Lugana DOC shows off peach and apricot flavour with soft evolutionary sensations while maintaining all the freshness and elegance that characterizes it. The nose lets out notes of wood and ripe fruit. Also, it has an aftertaste of almond and hints of hazelnut.

  1. Lunario Grillo

Lunario Grillo by Brugnano has a bright colour with straw yellow notes and greenish highlights. The bouquet is filled with intense fruit and floral aromas. It reveals notes of jasmine, apricot, white peach, and yellow plum. The nose is perfectly harmonized with mentholated scents of eucalypt and vanilla. The palate has a good balance with the right fullness, freshness, and acidity which give this wine an easy-drinking sapid character and prospective longevity. 

  1. Agata 33.09 Campania Falanhgina IGP

Agata 33.09 Campania Falanhgina IGP has a brilliant golden colour with lasting effect. Its complex nose has intense aromas and notes of ripe exotic fruits, candied citrus fruits, and floral notes of gorse, acacia, magnolia and elderberry. Also, hints of toasted almond and mineral expressions are highlighted and sweet spices are nuanced. 

  1. Cabernet 2017 “Leonardo”

Cabernet 2017 “Leonardo”  by La Chimera d'Albegna has a deep red colour with shades of purple and violet. Its complex nose shows off aromas of red fruit, flowers, and earthiness. This full-bodied Cabernet is elegant and persistent on the palate with warm and harmonious flavours.

  1. DOCG Amarone Della Valpolicella

DOCG Amarone Della Valpolicella by Deianira Wine has an intense ruby red colour. The deep and strong nose reveals hints of ripe fruit, jam, cocoa, and sweet notes of tobacco and leather. It is rich, soft, and persistent on the palate. 

  1. Piedmont DOC Albarossa

Piedmont DOC Albarossa is a warm and well-structured wine with a great personality. It has a garnet red colour with violet reflections. On the nose, intense and vinous aromas make this wine truly desirable. The palate is full-bodied and velvety with a moderate amount of tannins. This wine is harmonious with high fullness and gustatory persistence.

  1. 6PUNTO4

6PUNTO4/ 6 Point 4 has a deep red colour and brilliant appearance. It has refined, warm, and enveloping tones with long aromatic persistence of ripe red fruit. Its sweetness and elegance allow a wide range of food to be paired with it.

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