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Photo for: Are You Distributor Ready? Here’s what Sid Patel, CEO, Founder of London Competitions has to offer


Are You Distributor Ready? Here’s what Sid Patel, CEO, Founder of London Competitions has to offer

Here are my first 15 questions that all brands must ask when they are looking to get new distributors

With several wineries, breweries, and distilleries approaching good distributors each week, the opportunity to stand out from the crowd is slim, so smart producers need to make sure they tick all the necessary boxes before picking up the phone and making an appointment. 

Distributors want to represent professionally run producers who understand their own role in the supply chain as well as the distributor’s and come to the table in a position to start supplying products without any major hurdles. 

This checklist simply covers the most important factors that a winery needs to look at before approaching a distributor. Wineries, breweries, and distilleries that complete the checklist will be ready to discuss representation with distributors and find that they have a far better chance of signing with a distributor than those who wander unprepared.


Here are the questions I would encourage brand owners to ask internally and be ready to work with. If you can do the below on an ongoing basis, you have a very high chance of building a brand.

- I am willing to support the distributor with time, money and product to generate sales.

- I have identified my brand and listed its competitive advantages.

- I have a marketing strategy that is being actioned.

- I understand that the first purchase order is simply a start and I have to do the work of selling.

- I understand my brand must sell thru at distributor’s customer (The retailer).

- I understand that it is a partnership and the distributor need to make money.

- I understand distributors’ logistics and the pick-up location they use normally for other suppliers.

- I understand their bookkeeping, invoice, PO process, reporting and key personal map.

- I understand I need to be a likeable supplier.

- I understand I have to get new accounts for my distributor.

- I understand I have to get floor displays for my distributor.

- I understand I have to get national accounts and pass on that business to my distributors’ territory.

- I understand keeping in the loop the distributor's C-suite about all the communications I am having with their sales reps and accounts.

- I understand my payments will affect my brand's sales performance.

- I understand I have to be consistent with my pricing and supply.

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