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What do Consumers Look for While Choosing Wine?


Insights from Fiona, at the London Wine Competition on what consumers look for while choosing wine.

LWC interviewed Fiona, a judge at the London Wine Competition, on what consumers look for while choosing wine? Here is what she said. 

Fiona: When consumers are looking at choosing wines; it can be a lot about the names that they have heard. It can be focussed on money as well, because, people think that the more money you spend the better quality you will get. There are other good people who just want to discover. We let you choose the wine for them...

Watch the full video Here.

About Fiona:

Fiona Bastia is a Sommelier at The Arts Club in London, UK. Fiona has more than 5 Years experience in the Beverages industry.

About London Wine Competition

LWC_LogoThe London Wine Competition recognizes, rewards and help promote wine brands that have successfully been created to identify with and target a specific wine drinker. It rates the brands based on three important criteria: Quality, Value For Money & Packaging. The event is organized by Beverage Trade Network (BTN), the leading online platform dedicated to connecting the global beverage industry.

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